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PRA.G.E.S. - Practising Gender Equality in Science - Versione italiana

Università degli Studi di Milano

The Centre for Study and Research on Women and Gender Differences, one of the first centres for gender studies within an Italian university, was established in 1995. In 2007 it became an interdepartmental research centre with a multidisciplinary approach.
Based at the University of Milan's Faculty of Political Science and directed by Bianca Beccalli, the Centre focuses on five main areas of research: human rights and women's rights; women and science; equal opportunities, work and gender policies; gender and social policies; and women and politics. Particular attention is given to analyzing ongoing transformations in society through a gender lens.
The Centre's activities include open meetings and other public initiatives; classes and courses within the Faculty of Political Science as well as coordination with other centres working on gender issues; information and consulting services; and partnerships on or coordination of both national and international projects.
The Centre aims to:
  • advance the development of gender-related research in various fields of study and using different methodological approaches;
  • promote multidisciplinary studies offering a critical appraisal of characteristics normally attributed to "feminine" and "masculine", analysing the different forms through which gender differences have been and are expressed and compared to women’s presence over different times, societies and cultures;
  • encourage the establishment of structures supporting the development of gender studies, with a special focus on building up a collection of scientific literature and participating in networking activities;
  • facilitate scientific and multidisciplinary partnerships among universities as well as with public or private organizations concerned with gender issues;
  • encourage exchanges among individual experts or research groups, and participate in research networks and European projects;
  • prepare teaching materials and support educational programs to raise awareness on gender differences;
  • organise public debates, seminars and open meetings and provide cultural and information services, supporting initiatives that increase the value, quality and dissemination of gender studies.


• Prages E-mail:
• Director: Prof. Bianca Beccalli,
• Prof. Antonio Chiesi,
• Daniela Falcinelli,