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PRAGES - Practising Gender Equality in Science - Versione italiana

Manchester Business School - MBS is part of the University of Manchester and is the largest campus-based business school in the UK, ranked 22nd in the world, 10th in Europe and 4th in the UK. It has over 200 academic staff, a large number of associates, over 2000 students on campus and more than 3,500 students worldwide through distance learning and external programmes. MBS’s doctoral programme is now ranked 1st in the world and the School is 10th in the world for career progression of graduates. MBS has a strong international research reputation (awarded 5 rating in 2001 RAE) and 12 Research Centresincluding two specifically related to Diversity and Equality issues, i.e. European Work andEmployment Research Centre (EWERC) and Centre for Equality and Diversity at Work (belowas a case study).

The Centre for Equality and Diversity at Work was re-launched under a new name in 2007(formerly the Centre for Diversity and Work Psychology). The overriding aim of the Centre isto pursue new knowledge relating to successfully managing diversity initiatives inorganisations and specialises in carrying out innovative research and practical applicationswith a special emphasis on the psychological issues related to attitudes and perceptions atthe individual and organisational level. The Centre’s research projects are funded by a varietyof bodies, e.g. European Social Fund.The Equal Opportunities Commission etc.

Professor Marilyn Davidson, Co-Director
+44(0)161 306 3449

Dr Sandra Fielden, Co-Director
+44(0)161 306 3446

Dr Helen Woolnough, Researcher
+44(0)161 306 5883

Carrie Hunt, Researcher
+44(0)161 306 3482

Centre for Equality and Diversity at Work

Manchester Business School
The University of Manchester
Booth Street West
Manchester - M15 6PB UK

Tel: +44(0)161 306 3439
Fax: +44(0)161 306 3420