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PRAGES - Practising Gender Equality in Science - Versione italiana

image Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation TETALAP (Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation) is a non-profit public foundation established by the Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1994. TETALAP's mission is to develop the international relations of the Hungarian R&D community, to participate in Hungary's EU integration efforts by promoting activities in the field of science and technology and to facilitate the access of interested Hungarian parties to EU R&D funding.
The office has developed many contacts with a lot of scientists, research institutions, universities, enterprises, multiplier organisations and governmental agencies in Hungary (among them the Hungarian NCP-s) and abroad as well.

In FP5 TETALAP coordinated one project, and was partner in 5 other projects running in different thematic fields. In FP6 the Foundation is the coordinator of two specific support actions, TrainNet Future with 26 partners and Hungary for FP6 with 9 partners. The Foundation is one of the two Bridgehead Mobility Centres in Hungary. Moreover, TETALAP has taken part in 2 EC tenders, 2 INTERREG projects, 2 LEONARDO projects and 16 other FP6 projects (mainly support actions).

With respect to women and science activities, during FP6 TETALAP coordinated the Enwise Ethics Workshop project which dealt with the gender dimension concerning science-related ethical issues and it is leading the still running projects of WSDEBATE (Stimulating Policy Debate on Women and Science Issues in Central Europa) and UNICAFE (Survey of the University Career of Female Scientists at Life Sciences versus Technical Universities). It was the Hungarian partner in the CEC-WYS Central European Centre for Women and Youth in Science project. In FP7 TETALAP is partner in the GEMMA (Enhancing Evidence Based Policy-Making in Gender and Migration) project. In addition, the Foundation is also running a national project on the Development of Gender Opportunities in Hungary Over the Last 100 Years. TETALAP has organized 5 conferences related to the women and science topic in the last two years.
Since the kick off meeting, the Hungarian partner TETALAP has started the collection of information on the relevant events dealing with the issues of women presence in STR (conferences, awards, books, researches, etc.) promoted both at European and international level.

The Foundation is a member of the Hungarian Women's Lobby.

Katalin Kalai
1027 Budapest, Bem Jozsef u. 2. Hungary
Postal address: 1255 Budapest , Pf. 38.
Tel: +36 1 214-7714